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Meet AnnDee

AnnDee McGlory is a Ventura, California based Certified Mastery Coach. She works with women who are struggling with their reflection in the mirror, she helps them gain confidence, put themselves first, and become the BADASS they were meant to be!

AnnDee believes there is a insecurity epidemic in our society that is driven by Instagram models and other social media platforms. This information goes straight into your subconscious, one day you wake up confused on who it is YOU are supposed to be, leaving you no longer recognizing yourself in the mirror. 

AnnDee has a combined 13 years experience as a coach and nurse. Her fierce and empathetic approach to personal development, has attracted women from across the country who are on a journey to liking their reflection in the mirror after job burnout, bad relationships/divorce, loss of loved ones, or just unhappiness with life. 

She truly inspires YOU to love yourself again or maybe even for the first time!

After losing her stepson to murder, going through an unexpected divorce, her father dying unexpectedly, the loss of her dream house, dream car, and dream life…she found herself struggling with the woman she believed she was meant to be. 

Today, AnnDee uses the same exclusive practices with her clients, that she implemented in her own life, that allowed her to rise from the ashes as the true BADASS she is and live a life completely fulfilled and full of happiness!! 


Lets Work Together


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“Be a Badass Now” Program

This experience is a six month journey to becoming confident, courageous, and loving your reflection in the mirror!! This progarm creates long term changes where true transformation really takes place. Together, we develop a very powerful vision for your life. This experience is for the woman who knows she is ready to be a true BADASS!! 

 Experience Includes:

  • 4- 60-minute one on one Coaching calls with Mastery Coach AnnDee.
  • 10- 90-minute one on one Coaching with Mastery Coach AnnDee. 
  • AMAZING welcome gift! 
  • A powerful vision in building unstoppable confidence, loving your reflection in the mirror, and what it will mean for your life.
  • Which foods or lifestyle habits are bringing your body down…and what to do about it.
  • A step-by-step plan to create a LASTING badass change!
  • Customized action steps to keep you accountable. 
  • Weekly & Monthly Accountability. 
  • 2- 15-minutes “I need help now!” Emergency calls. 

experience 2

Monthly Membership

This experience will dig deep into the root of what’s been holding you back from being confident, achieving your goals, or loving your reflection in the mirror. This experience creates lasting change to transform you into the badass you were meant to be!  it Monthly Membership provides the right system, accountability, and support necessary to make a radical change in your life. Together we will find out what’s been stopping you, slowing you down, or keeping you from having what you want!

Experience Includes:

  • 2- 60-Minute one on one Coaching Sessions monthly with Mastery Coach AnnDee. 
  • A powerful vision for your life.
  • Which lifestyle habits are bringing your body and confidence down…and what to do about it.
  • A step-by-step plan to create healthy boundaries in your life.
  • Customized action steps.
  • Accountability to keep you on track! 

experience 3

Self-Care Retreats

&VIP Days

Self-Care Retreats/VIP Days offer an exclusive one day (6 Hours) experience for individuals or a small group to experience deep coaching and badassery! You will be able to dig deep into specific areas in your life that are holding you back from success, love, confidence, job promotion, happiness, etc. Examples of Retreats/VIP Days: Transforming Boundaries & Burnout, Becoming Single & Happy, Becoming Confident & Badass.. and more!! Self-Care Retreats (Group Setting) will give you a safe space for self-awareness in having what you want. You will leave the retreat excited and happy about life again! VIP Days are one on one experiences working with Mastery Coach AnnDee for a day! 

 Experience Includes:

  • 6 Hour Retreat or VIP Day with Mastery Coach AnnDee. 
  • AnnDee’s Exclusive “Confidence Kit.”
  • Laser focused 1:1 Coaching time with AnnDee (VIP Day). 
  • Learn the secret to being truly confident, happy, and fulfilled!
  • Take part in activities created to empower you into having a badass life!
  • Amazing Luch Included!
  • Customized Retreat/VIP Day Workbook.

**One Day Self-Care Retreats also available for corporate functions.

Please email: for more information!!

client love

If you are someone that wants to be back on track and trying to break through your wall this is for you. I have known her for many years and this girl can get you to the next level.

Gabrielle S.

Thank you for doing this! You are definitely one of a kind. AnnDee McGlory you’ve gone out of your way to check on me and I appreciate that. It’s more than most people do.

Jessica B.

Another amazing hour with AnnDee, feeling rejuvenated and relaxed to the max!! Thank you so much!

Shiloa M.

A Message to You!

I will not stop until every woman finds their confidence and inner BADASS!! Every woman has the right to feel beautiful and confident! I continue to break barriers for all of the women who have had the pleasure of working with me.  It’s time to step away from fear and show up for yourself, it’s time to show up and be the woman you were meant to be!

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I help women with confidence and how to look great naked so they can be the BADASS woman they have always wanted to be! 

Are you Ready to be a badass?